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Emmas Kitchen Club

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About Me

Hi, I am Emma a Mum of 2 and I work part time. I am serious about cooking for my family and cooking quick, wholesome and delicious food. I used to agonize at work during the day, about what to cook for dinner that night and sometimes I would spend ages trawling the internet for ideas (in my lunch hour of course!). I carried on like this for many years, almost resigned to the fact that it would always be this way, but then I discovered meal planning, along with other useful tips, and I want to now share these with you. I want to bring you ideas on what to cook each night and new recipes to try, along with ‘cook along’ video tutorials for anyone who wants to build their cooking skills. I am a big fan of meal planning once a week, it has saved me so much time and money, but most of all it has taken away the stress of deciding what to cook every night.

I love to get my kids involved in the kitchen and this has varying amounts of success but always guarantees lots of mess! I spend one afternoon a week volunteering at my childrens primary school, cooking with kids of all different ages. I want to share the recipes with you, along with helpful guides and tips for each age range, so you can get your kids involved in the kitchen and inspire them to create delicious meals too. My dream is to build a community of like minded people who want to cook quick, easy, healthy food and make it enjoyable, with or without the kids being involved!

This website is dedicated to enhancing your cooking skills and expanding your knowledge, in a fun and easy way. So join me and we can start the journey together!